Food expertise and weight management in Uccle, Brussels

Lose weight to be better in your skin ....

Overweight (overweight) is currently 65% in the population.

Many women do sometimes draconian diets, without looking for the causes of their problems.

It is therefore not surprising that they lose weight, to regain it after (yoyo phenomenon).

Our strategy for weight management includes researching causes to better address the consequences

Indeed, acting at the root of problems is the guarantor of efficiency and sustainability .

The leading causes of weight gain are:

- unbalanced diet.

- eating disorders.

- problems with the thyroid gland.

- hormonal imbalances, especially during menopause.

- an excessive release of insulin.

- deficiencies in essential health components (nutrients) that cause a blockage of slimming processes and thus prevent, lose weight.

By taking a blood test ...

By taking a blood test, a complementary thyroid test and nutritional expertise, we will be able to understand your problems and act in a personalized way, depending on the anomalies detected.

By this rational and multidisciplinary medical approach , we make patients lose 1 to 30 kg while strengthening muscles .

The mind, the morphology and the silhouette of the patient are profoundly improved.


Even if lots of pictures showing results can been seen on lots of websites, the medical association in Belgium does not allow us to show them anymore, reason why you won't find any here. On the other hand, you will, during the consultation, have access to all those pictures to show you the quality of our work.

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