A Russian lifting using threads in Uccle, Brussels

Today most patients are not elderly people wanting to be younger but young people wanting to stay young.  

Doctor Sulamanidze from Moscow has invented a technique using fine threads to counteract the first relaxation of the face and the neck. 

The intervention consists of the introduction - under local anesthesia - of three to four 5 to 8 centimeter long threads under the skin, in the relaxed zone.  

The threads are made of prolene, a long material used in surgery, covered with fine teeth supporting the relaxed tissues.

I this means the face is really being supported.

Side effects are minimal and rare : small contusions and a slight swelling seldom appear but can last for one or two days.

If necessary the thread can be tightened.

As the thread is inserted by means of a needle, no scar is visible..    

The ideal indication is a relaxation of the tissues, making the oval of the face rounder.   

The results are lasting but do not of course hinder the normal evolution of the face.

This method, was introduced in 1999 and is a valuable addition to the traditional techniques: lifting, lifting, lipofilling, injections etc.    

It produces excellent results but cannot replace a face-lift in cases of serious loss of the elasticity of the skin.


Even if lots of pictures showing results can been seen on lots of websites, the medical association in Belgium does not allow us to show them anymore, reason why you won't find any here. On the other hand, you will, during the consultation, have access to all those pictures to show you the quality of our work.

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