Natural anti-ageing treatments in Uccle, Brussels

Live old while remaining young!

Old age is an inescapable physiological process that affects every individual.

Nevertheless, it is possible to slow down this phenomenon and restore imbalances by acting at different levels :

On the hormonal functioning

It is important to know that the same amount of hormone in the blood can be effective at 40, 60, 80 or 100%, depending on the environment in minerals, trace elements , acids fatty, vitamins and amino acids.

It is therefore possible to improve the functioning of hormones by a natural approach , without having to take any.

This is the new, natural and personalized strategy that we adopt, except in special cases where the administration of hormones is essential

On the balance oxidants / antioxidants

There are many sources of free radicals (oxidants), including tobacco, the environment,pollution and inflammation.

These circulating free radicals are toxic and can promote atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, aging and cancer.

Fortunately, in the face of these free radicals, there are antioxidant defenses brought by the diet. This is called the oxidant / antioxidant scale.

By carrying out a blood test and a nutritional expertise, we will be able to establish nutritional balance and antioxidant and realize for you, customized food supplements strictly tailored to your needs, to quickly correct your deficiencies.

At the thyroid level

Fatigue, lack of dynamism, need to sleep, weight loss are often put on the count of aging, while they are often of thyroid origin and can be effectively treated.

It is because each individual is different that we adopt a personalized medicine taking into account the mental and the physical, so that you can reach serenity and well-being.


Even if lots of pictures showing results can been seen on lots of websites, the medical association in Belgium does not allow us to show them anymore, reason why you won't find any here. On the other hand, you will, during the consultation, have access to all those pictures to show you the quality of our work.

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