Laser hair removal sessions in Uccle, Brussels

Hairs ! To the hell !


Traditional hair removal techniques do not have a lasting effect and often trigger allergic reactions , redness and cysts which are caused by an abnormal new growth of the hair.

Electrolysis is efficient, but takes a long time and is painful.

Laser hair removal is the latest application of laser-technology in medicine. It is quick, efficient, painless and does not provoke allergic reactions.

The laser beam a high-energy light beam is absorbed by the hair's melanin-pigment. Its energy, which is transformed into heat, will then destroy the hair follicles.

Since the skin does not contain the same degree of pigment as hairs, it will not concentrate this energy and will therefore remain unaffected by the laser. 
This means that laser hair removal is best suited for fair skins with dark hair. The laser cannot remove fair, downy hair.


Laser hair removal can be used to treat any part of the body with unwanted hair.

It is not possible to destroy all hair follicles in the course of one treatment. The reason is that hairs will be in different stages. They can be in their active phase (anagene), in their dormant phase (telogene) or in their final phase (catagene).

Only hairs which are in their active phase will be destroyed. Also, the hair growth-cycle varies according to the part of the body.

It is therefore necessary to have a series of treatments. The number of treatments and the duration of each treatment depend on the part of the body which is treated (arms and legs take longer sessions than face, simply because their surface is bigger, but they take fewer sessions because their hair growth-cycle is longer).

In most cases, five sessions are enough.


Even if lots of pictures showing results can been seen on lots of websites, the medical association in Belgium does not allow us to show them anymore, reason why you won't find any here. On the other hand, you will, during the consultation, have access to all those pictures to show you the quality of our work.

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